Visa and Entry Requirements

Visa and Entry Requirements

Visa and Entry Requirements

Visa and entry requirements for studying in Stuttgart all follow the same procedures with one variation. Visas must be applied for at the German Embassy before you enter the country for stays longer than 90 days with the following exception:

Citizens from the following countries may apply for Visas after they have arrived in Germany:

  • Australian
  • Israeli
  • Japanese
  • Canadian
  • New Zealand
  • South Korean
  • United States

To apply for a Visa, you have to pick up or download the appropriate application, fill out the forms and provide proof of acceptance to a University, proof of health insurance and proof of financial support while in Germany. You do not, as for other types of Visas, have to prove exit (which means having reservations on transport out of the country by a certain date).

Once your application is submitted to the German Embassy, it is forwarded to the Foreign Authority of Stuttgart. This is the department in each of the cities and areas of the state that has final approval over Visa admittance. The criteria for approval by the Foreign Authority follows much of the documentation required in the original Visa application. In some instances, you may have to provide proof of guardianship or guiding support given your age. It is a good idea to review the specific requirements for a Visa for your country of origin by going to the Foreign Office site.

An entrance Visa for studying does not always include permission for travelling to other countries. If you are from the above listed states and the EU, you can generally travel without a special Visa and on ID throughout the EU. Make sure, before you leave to travel home or abroad on holidays, that you check with the German Government to make sure that there are no special re-entry requirements.

A student Visa must be renewed on an annual basis. The renewal is dependent on continued admission to the University. It is important to note that the Foreign Authority will review any applications of a student who is not considered in good standing with their University. Student Visas also do not permit you to work in Stuttgart, that is a separate application process entirely.

If you are interested in finding out more about the visa requirements of Stuttgart, then please visit the sites below:

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