Transportation in Stuttgart

Transportation in Stuttgart

Transportation in Stuttgart

You can fly directly into Stuttgart Airport (STR) from any major transportation hub in the world. Their airport is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Getting to the centre of Stuttgart from the airport is easiest using public transportation, but you can also hire a car.

Driving by private car is a mixed blessing in the city. While the B10, B14 and B27 all come out from the centre of the city to connect to the A8 and A81, the Greater Stuttgart area is a city comparable in size and population to Berlin and it has the same problems with rush hour traffic. Do bear this in mind when travelling to and from the city.

Most residents prefer to use the public transportation network, which is modern, affordable and practical. They have over and underground lines, bus services and shuttles that keep you connected to each travel point. For students, the best bet is to purchase a semester pass, which gives you a discount on inner city travel. The city is divided up into several different fare zones and services run frequently and they run late. The main public transportation hub is located at the main rail services station, Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof.

The Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, in the centre of the city, is where you can catch rail services out to other parts of Germany and the European continent. Several of the high-speed lines connect through the station and it makes it easy to get to Paris, Berlin or Munich. Rail passes are available but some of the youth and student passes now have age restrictions on them.

Inner Stuttgart is ideal for walking. Nothing is spread too far apart so it is not unreasonable to rely solely on public transportation and your feet as your main means of transportation. There are not as many cyclists as one would think in a city of this size. The reason for this is the hilly terrain of the city; while it lies in a basin, Stuttgart is not flat and only those inclined to fitness seem to enjoy the cycling commute.

Taxis in Stuttgart average €10 Euros per 4 minutes occupancy; this can make them prohibitively expensive especially during high commute times. It is a better bet for most to plan their route with public transportation then to hire a taxi, except perhaps for important occasions.

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