Learning German in Stuttgart

Learning German in Stuttgart

Learning German in Stuttgart

Learning German in Stuttgart is easy because the city allows for a total immersion experience so you will have to use the language every day. It can be a hard task to follow through with if you are trying to pass the proficiency exams in German. Many employers and even some upper level classes require a B or C certification in German to be considered as a candidate. It is best if you can achieve your proficiency levels before you begin your academic studies, but if that is not the case or if you are coming to Stuttgart specifically to learn the language, there are some good options to look at to make studying more efficient.

There are three main language schools in Stuttgart. While the proficiency course work material taught by all of them is the same, there is a difference in available class schedules, class size and optional additional learning opportunities.

  • Das Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA) – The Institute for Foreign Relations is a well-established school that has varied offerings for German language levels and skills. You can take an intensive program or small classes designed to work on specifics like grammar and pronunciation.
  • Henke Schulungen – Another popular language school, Henke Schulungen focuses on classes, rather than full programs, and tutoring. The tutoring can also be combined with Latin, French, English and Maths. They also teach other languages upon request.
  • VHS – The VHS is part of the system of community colleges in Germany that offer adult education and continuing education courses. These are shorter-term courses that are highly affordable. The VHS operates from several different locations around Stuttgart, making them easy to reach.

You can also call the schools or check local ads to find a tutor to assist you in becoming more fluent in German. There are certain things you want to make sure a tutor has, such as a teaching certification and at least a C level proficiency rating. Several of the schools offer tutoring services and there are also intensive tours around Germany that have the dual purpose of showing you the sites and increasing your proficiency in the language. Be warned, the German spoken in Stuttgart often has a heavy Swabian accent, this is because many people who are born there speak the Swabian dialect first and acquired the academic form of German later.

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